Even though Vancouver and Portland ​greeted spring with rain and wind, it still felt like spring. I guess God decided that the PNW would spend March 20th watering flower buds. I don’t mind as long as that means more flowers and sunshine later 0n.


To keep with my bucket-list,  here’s one of my old sketches of a blooming tree from last years spring. (‘весна’ means spring in Russian)

Когда весна придет – не знаю,

Пройдут дожди, сойдут снега…

Но ты мне улица родная

И в непогоду дорога.

(Весна на Заречной улице, 1956)





Yesterday’s adventures were amazing. I was able to escape the chaos of school and work for a few hours with a spontaneous trip to the beach. The whole trip was something like a dream. We left Vancouver in sunshine and were greeted in Seaside with rain and fog. There we ate delicious Halibut (in the form of fish&chips), spoiled ourselves to matching “Beach Patrol” sweaters, and walked the sleepy sea-town whilst sipping on steamy coffee. All I can say is that there’s a certain charm to a winter’s beach trip. Though we weren’t kissed by the sun, we were most definitely embraced by a cool winter’s breeze. The pacific northwest never ceases to amaze me in its breathtaking beauty. Ecola Point is a living example of the great artwork of the Lord above.

— Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you. — Psalm 55:22




I don’t say this often enough but, I’ll say it now. I love where I live. There’s a certain charm about the Pacific Northwest that makes it so unique from other places I’ve visited. It has a perfect mix of city skyscrapers and nature’s skyscrapers.  Portland, Oregon, I appreciate you.

Photos by me.



2k17 Bucket List

I’m a bit late but, it’s whatever. I’ve been making a bucket list for the past… I don’t know, it’s been a long time. I think that 2017 holds a lot of promising events so for this year, I would like to do/overcome/fulfill a variety of different things. Most of them are a bit dumb, but nevertheless, it’s my bucket list. So, without further ado, let us commence… (NOTE: this list is not in the order I would like to complete it. It’s completely random)

  • rope swing
  • go to a summer festival
  • complete a 30-day drawing challenge (upload it to your blog?)
  • go to a tropical beach
  • go to a non-tropical beach
  • go on a date
  • jump off a waterfall/walk behind a waterfall
  • rock climb
  • travel along the Oregon Coast
  • befriend a stranger
  • go to the movie theater by myself
  • go to a concert (preferably a kpop artist)
  • watch a meteor shower
  • explore Seattle
  • visit grandpa
  • learn the basics of a new language
  • master winged eyeliner
  • visit the zoo
  • visit Russia
  • finish college
  • go zip-lining
  • run in the Portland color run
  • watch an opera/ballet performance
  • go to Canada
  • watch the sunset with a view
  • watch the sunrise with a view
  • go on a missionary trip
  • get a henna tattoo
  • dye my hair a bizarre color
  • go to Disneyland
  • take up a new hobby
  • tell my parents I love them more often
  • adopt a new fashion trend
  • skydive
  • donate blood
  • beach bonfire
  • go on a road-trip
  • start a scrapbook
  • go to a Pink Martini concert
  • meet Agust D
  • go kayaking
  • Times Square, New York
  • visit a vineyard
  • catch a butterfly
  • take dance-lessons
  • start a YouTube channel
  • spend the entire day in the library reading
  • ride a hot air balloon
  • support my favorite artists by buying their albums
  • start gaze
  • become more flexible (actually touch your toes)
  • learn how to play a song the mandaline
  • complete something on my bucket list


Good luck to me!




I am back. It’s been a year and I feel like I am a completely different person from who I was when I first made this blog. I’ve graduated the hell-hole that is High School. No more teenage drama, no more worrying about how popular one is. I’ve moved on to more promising things like college. I’ve made and lost friends. I’ve found out things about myself and the limits that exist to me in this world. I have went on my first date with a boy and held his hand (which was great). I will be piercing a hole in my ears next week for the first time and I am both terrified and excited. I have discovered a new genre of music that makes me feel like a badass. I have ended this semester of college with a shitty GPA and don’t feel bad about it because of all the long hours and sleepless nights that I put into that shitty GPA. I have secrets from my parents and friends about my life that I will never tell. I can’t wait to move from this place and finally be on my own so that I can just not stress about my reputation and what other people think about me. Overall, I have become a different person. Life changes you and I am living proof of this. I hope that this blog will continue to be part of my life and that I will not neglect it (again).




Brown Eyes

“You hated your eye colour, Called it dull and dirty brown, Wished for the deep blue of an ocean, Where admirers hearts would drown, And it pained me when I realised, You’d never see it like I do, The way your eyes hint at a story, That I want to read right through, They hold specks of stolen sunlight, That you’d miss with just one glance, And a depth of raw emotion, That can freese you in a trance, They’re a fix of melted chocolate, When I’m craving something sweet, But hold a gaze that’s so unwavering, That I find it hard to meet, I fall right down the rabbit hold, When I look into your eyes, The brown of earth’s unfettered beauty, That I yearn to memorise, When I was tired of not belonging, They made me feel like I’d been found, And I hope you never say again, That your eyes are simply brown.” -e.h.

A New Day

Today is a new day: it’s a blank page in which I can write absolutely anything and today choose to be good. I woke up to the sunshine warming my face, and to me that’s a great sign of a good day. Today I want to speak good words, be kind and compassionate, be willing to help, and to show my Lord’s love for me through everything I do. Thank you God, for this new day that you have given me. It is another chance to do Your will and see Your merciful hand in every aspect of my life. I pray for strength against temptation and clear eyes so that I can see You throughout the day.