Hello all~

It’s been a long long while. Helelllleleleloooooooooooo. (apologies)

I guess the best way to describe this post is just by restating the title: updates. A lot has happened over the last few weeks and most are very exciting so I thought I should share.


First and foremost, I should share my current state of mind.

*clears throat*




No but in all seriousness, I’m a bit stressed (BY A BIT I MEAN A LOT). There is a lot going on right now with school and work and graduate school and teaching abroad and… yes. So the inaudible screeching is a good sign of me coping with the stress correctly. trust me. I’M AN ADULT. *cries*


The first thing that I would like to share is the progress of my application with CIEE. Well, it’s definitely still happening. Things are progressing slowly but surely (feels more slowly than surely). I am slowly gathering all my documents and am preparing for my TEFL course to gain that darn certificate. It’s all really a matter of waiting and having the patience to wait. And let me tell you, young sir/lady, I ran out of that right after I baked in my mom for 9 months. I have to keep myself from impulsively buying a plane ticket to South Korea. I know.

But really, it’s so strange to think about what my work is getting me towards. I mean, it’s only been a few months since I’ve applied and everything has already happened so quickly that I sometimes forget that I even applied. I sometimes forget that my plan for this next year is to teach abroad. (like.. wut?) So weird. It still hasn’t really settled in my head as a reality instead of a dream. I know, I know. I wrote a whole post about how my dream became a reality, WHICH IT DID. But, what I mean by what I’m saying now is that it’s hard to believe it sometimes. I have to pinch myself because I get so caught up with life and routine that I completely forget about what awaits just a plane ride and few months away…


Another pretty crazy update that I thought would be worth sharing is that I’m thinking of vlogging my trip to Korea on YouTube. on the Tube. Tubing. I’ll be a Tuber……….. nice. I hope that if all that works out, maybe some of you will watch (?). please?

In any case, I’ll keep you updated on how that works out and whether or not it happens.


Well, and the last update that I wanted to share is that I’m in a relationship!!!!…





























…with food!


Картинки по запросу gotcha gif


Thanks for reading and talk later.





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