My Favorite YouTubers.

I consider myself to be a YouTube pro. Why? Because I’ve been watching them for a long long long long time (and because I have no life). Throughout my YouTube journey I have subscribed, unsubscribed, and resubscribed to countless video creators and I thought that I should share my top 5 (current) favorite YouTubers and why I recommend them to young souls like myself.

WARNING: this is list is kind of all over the place so don’t expect a very structured and organized one.

#5. Thread Banger/ Corinne Leigh

*sigh* I really have a love-hate relationship with ThreadBanger. It’s one of those channels that can go from being my favorite to my most loathed in about one second just because of how ridiculous their DIY projects are sometimes (I love you Corinne!). But, overall, I love this channel. I love the humor, the projects, the honesty. I recommend it to anyone who, like myself, enjoys arts and crafts but finds it to be a pain in the bootay. Check them out. (Corinne is my favorite!)

#4. Solfa

This channel has slowly crept its way into my favorites list over the past year or so. It’s basically a BuzzFeed-like, interview-esque channel in which Korean people are interviewed or made to try strange trends/stereotypes. I really love this channel.

#3. How to Cake It

Two Words: Yolanda Gampp. Her humor makes this show. I love all her cakes and her talent is simply out of this world. If you get come cake-speration or just want to spend hours on end hypnotized by cake-making skills, check her out.

#2. Olan Rogers

Olan, Olan, Olan. His stories are simply amazing. He is one of those people who manages to bring a smile to your face with his magnificent stories even on your worst day. I simply adore him. Check him out if you want a good laugh.

#1. Melody On The Move

Ah man, I love Mel. I relate to her on so many levels. I initially discovered her when doing my research to teach English abroad and immediately subscribed to her channel. I recommend her to the young ladies who are interested in going abroad. She is so honest and very motivational. I can’t wait to see how her channel will grow in the future.

“I am coming at you live from *crank that beat* you already know.”


Honorable mentions:

  • Fancy Nancy TV
  • Simon’s Cat
  • Barcroft
  • AnimeVibe
  • Safiya Nygaard



If you got through half of that, sincere thanks.





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